Personal Injury Law

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Personal Injury Law in KY and OHThe basic premise of personal injury law is that people should have to pay for their mistakes, especially when it affects the health and well-being of another individual. If that individual who was injured is you, the good news is that from medical bills to lost wages, financial remuneration is legally in order. The bad news (you knew it was coming, right?) is that insurance companies will often add insult to your injuries caused by their insured’s original negligence by further neglecting to pay the amount you should rightfully receive.

By hiring The Law Offices of Krista Ray Cure, you can be sure that we will work hard to collect the funds you have a right to receive. We know that while you wait for that reimbursement, you may not have money to spare, so we offer free consultations and have no fees unless we succeed at winning your case.

For your convenience, we also offer flexible appointments, including weekends and evenings, and provide home or hospital visits, if needed, as well.

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